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The Blues Brothers, a musical comedy duo that originated from a Saturday Night Live sketch, quickly transcended its comedic origins to become a genuine musical phenomenon. Comprising actors and comedians John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, the Blues Brothers not only brought humor but also a deep appreciation for American blues and soul music to the forefront.

The characters Jake and Elwood Blues, portrayed by Belushi and Aykroyd respectively, were known for their distinct black suits, sunglasses, and fedoras. The Blues Brothers’ act was a fusion of comedy and music, with the duo performing classic blues and R&B songs alongside their comedic sketches. Their live performances featured a dynamic backing band that included notable musicians like Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn, and Matt “Guitar” Murphy.

What set the Blues Brothers apart was their genuine love and respect for the music they were performing. Their live shows and albums showcased not only their comedic talent but also their musical prowess. Their 1978 album “Briefcase Full of Blues” captured the energy and spirit of their live performances and introduced audiences to their renditions of timeless classics like “Soul Man” and “Sweet Home Chicago.”

The Blues Brothers’ impact extended beyond their own performances. They helped introduce a new generation to the music of legendary artists like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles, who made guest appearances in their performances and the iconic 1980 film “The Blues Brothers.” The film further solidified their place in popular culture and showcased their commitment to honoring the traditions of American rhythm and blues.

While John Belushi’s untimely passing in 1982 marked the end of the original Blues Brothers act, the legacy of their music and comedy continues to endure. The Blues Brothers’ influence on popular culture is evident in their iconic look, unforgettable catchphrases, and their ability to bridge the gap between comedy and music. Their dedication to blues and soul music not only entertained audiences but also contributed to the preservation and appreciation of these genres for years to come.

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The Briefcase Blues Brothers

A Tribute To The Blues Brothers
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Marten has personified the character of Elwood Blues and makes each and every night a fun, exciting, interactive and unique entertainment experience for the audience. He strives to emote a positive, high energy, heartfelt atmosphere, that sends audiences home with a... Read More