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Oingo Boingo, the American new wave and rock band, emerged in the late 1970s and became known for their eclectic sound and theatrical performances. Founded by frontman Danny Elfman, the band’s music seamlessly blends elements of rock, ska, pop, and punk, resulting in a distinctive and unmistakable sound. Oingo Boingo’s innovative approach to music is evident in their hits like “Dead Man’s Party,” “Weird Science,” and “Just Another Day,” which often feature intricate arrangements and socially relevant lyrics. Their performances were characterized by a dynamic fusion of energetic music and visually captivating theatrics.

The band’s ability to tackle a wide range of themes, from social commentary to introspective reflections, endeared them to a devoted fanbase. Oingo Boingo’s contributions extended beyond their music, as they gained recognition for composing the iconic theme song for Tim Burton’s film “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” further showcasing their creative versatility.

Despite their breakup in the 1990s, Oingo Boingo’s influence has endured, leaving an impact on alternative and new wave music. The band’s legacy is defined by their boundary-pushing sound, memorable live shows, and their role in shaping the vibrant musical landscape of their era.

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Dead Man’s Party

A Tribute To Oingo Boingo
Los Angeles, California
OINGO BOINGO tribute band Dead Man’s Party has been bringing you Boingo tunes LIVE – the way you remember ’em from the original Oingo Boingo shows – for over a decade! This 8-PIECE BAND has been fashioned after the ORIGINAL OINGO BOINGO LINE-UP, featuring a THRE... Read More