Taylor Swift Steps Out in NYC For First Public Outing Since Joe Alwyn Breakup News & Fans Have Some Thoughts

By - April 11, 2023 5:38 PM

Best believe she’s still bejeweled! Taylor Swift looked effortlessly glamorous stepping out in New York City Monday evening (April 10) to grab dinner, her first public outing since reports of her breakup from longterm boyfriend Joe Alwyn emerged over the weekend — and naturally, fans have thoughts on everything from the restaurant location to the pop star’s accessory choice.


Alongside frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff and his fiancée, actress Margaret Qualley, Swift was captured by paparazzi and fans exiting an Italian restaurant — reportedly Via Carota in West Village — wearing a sleek black top, jeans with a bedazzled butterfly-shaped cutout and heels. Already, there’s a lot to unpack as far as Swifties are concerned, starting with the fact that the “Anti-Hero” singer’s famous Cornelia Street apartment would have been just minutes away from her dinner spot.

Why does that matter? The building is the setting of Swift’s Lover track “Cornelia Street,” universally believed to be about the beginnings of her relationship with Alwyn, whom she dated for six years. “I hope I never lose you, hope it never ends/ I’d never walk Cornelia Street again/ That’s the kind of heartbreak time could never mend/ I’d never walk Cornelia Street again,” she sings on the track.

But wait, there’s more. Fans have also begun dissecting Swift’s night-out outfit; for instance, is the butterfly detail a clue that her self-titled debut album, which has a butterfly graphic design pattern on the cover, is the next “Taylor’s Version” re-recorded release?

The most contentiously debated part of the 12-time Grammy winner’s look, however, is her necklace, which is too fuzzy to see clearly in the photos taken of her Monday evening. Some fans are sure that the necklace is Swift’s famous “J” necklace, the one she sings about in Reputation track “Call It What You Want” (“I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck…”). If that’s the case, believers argue, does that mean Alwyn and Swift are actually still together in spite of reports?

Others, however, think the necklace is just that: a necklace. “Its not the j necklace. Its much thinner,” tweeted one Swiftie detective, posting two photos for comparison.

See how Swifties are reacting to Taylor Swift’s post-breakup night in NYC below:

?| A friend of @13yearsoftay has spotted Taylor in NYC tonight pic.twitter.com/eKlqWqe9Hd

— Taylor Swift Updates ?️ (@swifferupdates) April 11, 2023

taylor swift out and about in new york city pic.twitter.com/NfMaPWEHRz

— kathleen (@fordhoIden) April 11, 2023

taylor swift using new york to describe her muse and saying how if they broke up she’d never go back there and then showing up at new york 2 days after her breakup announcement looking completely unbothered is the funniest thing ever

— emma (@karmaisadyke) April 11, 2023

Taylor Swift had dinner a mere 4 minute walk away from Cornelia Street tonight

She’s so strong pic.twitter.com/eLEZ4XNsSo

— pharmaceutical cowboy (@pharmacowboy) April 11, 2023

Whys nobody talking about the pants she’s wearing are giving debut tv with the butterfly pic.twitter.com/6n5cXUy33x

— Miss Misery⸆⸉ TS 4/29 (@Hey_dorthea) April 11, 2023

i don’t care what anyone says but taylor coming out in public wearing that necklace is basically her telling us she’s still with joe because she would’ve known we would pick up on it. even if it’s not THE necklace, she knows we would think it was

— ella *ੈ✩‧₊˚ (@pippalvr) April 11, 2023

Its not the j necklace. Its much thinner. For comparison: https://t.co/YaTHpoquie pic.twitter.com/p2Macronfr

— leti? (@Letty13Swifite) April 11, 2023

why is everyone all “omg she looks so good after her breakup” and “she’s so unserious” (comparing to her old breakup photo) LIKE?? this only confirmed that her and joe are still together she’s wearing THE necklace

— lexi – 102 & 103 days (@maroonmidnghts) April 11, 2023

the streets are fighting over whether or not she’s wearing the J necklace… mother help us

— swifttok struggles (@swiftokstruggle) April 11, 2023

imagine just going out to dinner, minding your own business and taylor swift walks past you. i think i’d pass away personally. pic.twitter.com/65jiuFyfag

— izzie (taylor’s version) ? (@ownedbyswift13) April 11, 2023

I never knew seeing taylor swift in the streets of nyc would make me this happy

— Keo ? | fan account (@exileoutdid) April 11, 2023


— veronica (@soitfuckingoes) April 11, 2023


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