Multi Artist And Specialty Shows

At Music Zirconia, we are committed to providing unforgettable musical experiences, and our Multi-band Packages are a testament to that commitment. These packages offer an unparalleled range of entertainment options, combining the talents of multiple tribute bands for an immersive experience. For those seeking an event echoing the spirit of a particular musical era or genre, our packages offer bands that can pay tribute to two or more iconic artists, seamlessly recreating the magic of their music.

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The Linkin Park & Nirvana Tribute Packag...

Tributes to Linkin Park & Nirvana
Linink Nirvana2
Tampa, Florida
Linkin Park was one of the most successful rock acts in the world! Selling over 50 million records, going platinum, and winning two Grammy’s! With massive hit songs like – “In The End”, “Crawling”, “Somewhere I Belong” and “Paper Cut”, they have forever c... Read More

Ultimate Country Tribute Package

A Tribute to Country Artists
country artists show
Reno, Nevada
The Country Artists tribute show (CAT) is two or more of today’s biggest Country Music Super Stars in one power packed tribute show. All hit songs that everyone will sing along with. No B-sides. All vocals are 100% live. No lip syncing. We searched all over the country to ... Read More

Beatles vs. Stones

A Tribute To The Beatles & The Rolling Stones
Beatles vs Stones 02 1536x864 1
Los Angeles, California
The British Invasion brought us the two most popular rock groups of all time, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, as well as the liveliest debate in rock history – which band is the greatest? These two legendary bands will engage in an on-stage, mash-up duel featuring inte... Read More

Kenny Metcalf & The Who Generation

A Tribute To Elton John & The Who
elton who2
Los Angeles, California
Original touring keyboardist for Stryper 1985-86 tours and current “frontman” for the tribute show “Kenny Metcalf as Elton”. “Elton” as portrayed by Kenny Metcalf, has the voice and appearance of Elton John when he was young. From rhinestones to sequins, every... Read More

Motley Inc. & Atomic Punks

A Tribute To Motley Crue & Van Halen
Los Angeles, California
The Atomic Punks are a tribute to early Van Halen, the David Lee Roth era. Formed in 1994, the Atomic Punks have performed well over 2000 shows throughout the United States. Globally know as the Worlds “Greatest” tribute to David Lee Roth era Van Halen, the Atomic Punks... Read More

Ultimate 80’s Package!

A Tribute to The Cure & Duran Duran
80s package featured image
San Diego, California
The Cured are now entering their sixth year as a Cure tribute band. The band has played more than 250 shows both across the United States, and internationally as well. The Cured pays homage to one of the most iconic and influential bands of the later 20th century. The Cur... Read More

Stones & Stewart

A Tribute to The Rolling Stones & Rod Stewart
stones stewart
Los Angeles, California
Imagine walking into a nearby historic theater and happening upon a performance by the young Rolling Stones! They’re all there; Mick is prancing and gyrating, Keith looks menacing as he prowls the stage with his trusty beat-up Fender guitar. Charlie and Bill are intense as... Read More