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    San Diego Office

    • Michael Twombly
      • Role: Primary Agent, Media Contact
      • Phone: 858.405.4391
      • Email: michael
    • Julian Davis
      • Role: Senior Talent Representative
      • Phone: 619.788.0555
      • Email: julian
    • Randy Proxmire
      • Role: Talent Representative
      • Phone: 858.226.6638
      • Email: rproxmire
    • Manuel Ruiz
      • Role: Web Development, Graphics, Video, Social Media
      • Phone: 619.864.8676
      • Email: manny

    Regional Offices

    • Roxane Berger (National)
      • Role: Accounting, Flights, COIs
      • Email: accounting
    • Carin Toti (Virginia/Orange County)
      • Role: Talent Rep (90s acts)
      • Phone: 714.916.4190
      • Email: carin
    • Mike Hamill (Texas)
      • Role: Talent Rep
      • Phone: 214.937.7011
      • Email: mhamill
    • Eddie Stevens (Los Angeles)
      • Role: Talent Representative (Spanish Acts)
    • Frank Garett (Reno/Las Vegas)
      • Role: Talent Representative (Country acts)