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Music is diverse, and so are the tastes of audiences. Our Specialty Acts cater to those unique preferences, offering performances that range from the niche to the eclectic. Whether it’s a tribute to a specific artist, a fusion of genres, or a unique musical concept, our Specialty Acts bands bring something different to the table. From the sounds of the world, experimental genres, to theatrical performances that blend music with art, these acts are designed to captivate and intrigue.

With a focus on innovation, creativity, and pushing boundaries, our bands offer performances that are anything but ordinary. Whether you’re hosting a themed event, looking for something out of the box, or simply want to surprise your guests, our Specialty Acts promise a musical experience that’s unique, memorable, and truly special.

Elevate your event with one of our Specialty Acts cover bands. Experience the magic of live music tailored to your taste; book a genre-specific cover band and watch your event come alive with unforgettable melodies and rhythms! Dive into a world of musical nostalgia. We pride ourselves on the authenticity and quality of our acts, promising a show that will leave your audience spellbound.

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Pop Nouveau

PopNouveau logoweb
Pop Nouveau has over 50 years of combined experience and has performed at thousands of events all over the world! Members have collaborated with International Pop Star Pitbull on the hit song "Fireball", Mexican Pop Artist Yahir, Macy Gray, Barry Manilow, Englebert Hum... Read More

Heavy Mellow

Metal Classics on Flamenco Guitars. Watch your step as you enter the elevator. This will be your soundtrack on a one way trip, going down. We believe the Metal and Flamenco, much like chocolate and peanut butter, make a tasty combination Real flamenco guitar playing... Read More