Heavy Mellow

Heavy Mellow

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Metal Classics on Flamenco Guitars. Watch your step as you enter the elevator. This will be your soundtrack on a one way trip, going down. We believe the Metal and Flamenco, much like chocolate and peanut butter, make a tasty combination Real flamenco guitar playing was born in Spain and this intense playing ability and innovative arrangements are what sets HEAVY MELLOW apart from any other group, and why they are primed for many years of growing success. Ben Woods (master flamenco guitarist), Luis Villegas (latin guitar virtuoso), and Al Velasquez (percussion extraordinaire) are three professional California musicians that came together in January of 2012 to create this unique and fiery “flamenco” tribute to metal’s greatest songs. Their music is easy to describe: Metal Classics on Flamenco Guitars, yet goes beyond that with sublime arrangements that celebrate every note of the original song, with added depth, intricacy and technicality that only astounding Flamenco guitar playing can achieve. Since their recent beginning, they have performed in many Los Angeles venues, and the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2012 (a floating rock festival to the Bahamas). In the fall of 2012 HEAVY MELLOW with released “Heavy Mellow Volumes 1&2” featuring some of metal’s greatest songs to the delight of their fans. •Based in Los Angeles (Ben Woods-guitar, Luis Villegas-guitar, Mike Bennett-cajon) •Real Flamenco shredders, often featuring sexy Metal/Flamenco and Belly dancer(s) •Favorite of Monsters of Rock Cruise 2012, 2013, 2014 (floating music festival), booked for 2015 •Favorite and staples of Hard Rock Cafe...


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