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The glittering world of disco may have been born in the 70’s, but its influence reverberated through the decades, including the 90’s. Our Disco cover bands are a celebration of this vibrant genre, bringing to the stage the pulsating beats, shimmering outfits, and the unmistakable sounds of artists like Gloria Gaynor, the Bee Gees, and Donna Summer. Disco was more than just music; it was an experience, a spectacle of lights, dance, and rhythm.

Our bands transport audiences back to the days of disco balls, illuminated dance floors, and music that compelled everyone to move. With beats that resonate with energy and vocals that soar with emotion, our bands capture the magic of disco. Whether you’re hosting a retro-themed party or simply want to relive the days of groove and funk, our Disco cover bands promise a night of unforgettable melodies, dance moves, and pure disco euphoria.

Elevate your event with one of our Disco cover bands. Experience the magic of live music tailored to your taste; book a genre-specific cover band and watch your event come alive with unforgettable melodies and rhythms! Dive into a world of musical nostalgia. We pride ourselves on the authenticity and quality of our acts, promising a show that will leave your audience spellbound.

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Soul Somatik

DecadeofSoul logo web 1
Soul Somatik is your Party Band in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Let some of the finest professional musicians in town take you back to the years of the Boogie and the Hustle. This high-energy 70’s band covers the best hits of the funk, soul, disco a... Read More

Boogie Wonder Band

Channel the electrifying vibes of the '70s and you're sure to stumble upon the Boogie Wonder Band. This 10-piece ensemble doesn't just play music; they teleport you straight to the heart of disco's golden age. With Las Vegas-inspired costumes, vibrant personas, and funk... Read More

Polyester Express

With a rich history dating back to the late 1990s, Polyester Express stands as a testament to timeless music and entertainment. For over a decade, they have consistently thrilled party-goers worldwide, bringing an infectious energy that gets guests dancing the night awa... Read More