The Scope of Our Services

So you’ve scored an incredible band for your event—bravo! But wait, something’s missing: the technical side of things. Yeah, that’s right—sound, stage, and lighting. That talent you booked? It’s all about the performance, costumes, and, well, the talent. Don’t assume that the mics and the floodlights come as a package deal.

The Scope of Our Services

At Music Zirconia, we offer a spectrum of services that go beyond merely booking tribute acts. Sure, the band is the star, but every star needs a stage. We can either mesh with your venue’s in-house tech or bring in the big guns for a standalone show. Whether it’s an intimate gathering in your backyard or a rock fest for 10,000, we’ve got the technical chops to make it happen.

Industry Insiders

We aren’t just talent agents; we’re a hybrid team of industry professionals. Many of us moonlight in tribute bands or have paid our dues on national tours. When you consult with us, we’re pulling from a well of firsthand experience. We know what it takes to deliver an unparalleled live event.

The Sound Crew You Didn’t Know You Needed

Our tech roster includes some of the most respected names in audio engineering. We collaborate with them based on their reputation, skill, and the caliber of their equipment. Size of the venue, geographical considerations, power supply, talent demands, and even acoustic specifics—these all play a role in determining the overall cost.

Budget Transparency

You’re not just paying for a guy to push some buttons; you’re investing in a seamless auditory experience. Prices can range from $750 for low-key events to several thousands for larger extravaganzas. Don’t worry; we break down all the costs so you know where your investment is going.

Beyond The Sound Waves

Staging and lighting, though not included, are crucial elements that contribute to the spectacle of live performances. While these can be separate, they’re often interdependent with sound, and we’re more than happy to offer these services as well.

Got questions about production intricacies? Our entertainment consultants are only a call away. Trust Music Zirconia to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality event.