What we’re about

Music Zirconia Tribute Agency isn’t your run-of-the-mill booking agency. We cater to a unique echelon of musicians—those who have mastered the art of tribute and cover performances. Recognizing the distinctive needs of such acts, we offer tailored services that diverge from what’s typically extended to original recording artists. You see, the cornerstone of our operation is securing acts that resonate with audiences right off the bat. At Music Zirconia, walking into a new market and drawing significant crowds isn’t the exception; it’s the rule.

The Nitty-Gritty of Representation

Performers, you have one job—to captivate the audience with your skills. So, leave the paperwork and contract jargon to us. We understand that an artist dealing with deposits and riders is like a chef discussing table reservations. It just doesn’t add up. At Music Zirconia, we’re adept at ironing out contractual intricacies. While we’re not legal experts, we do consult them when rare complications arise. The goal? To let you focus on your music while we handle the business.

Amplifying Your Stage Presence

With Music Zirconia in your corner, your reach expands exponentially. Our dedicated internet marketing team leverages the digital realm to spotlight your act. From organizing Music Zirconia-centric events to rubbing elbows at international trade shows, we’re all about maximizing visibility. We also invest in premium network memberships, something most individual acts would find burdensome, to extend our reach even further. Our comprehensive approach ensures we tap into every performance avenue, be it festivals, corporate gigs, or special occasions.

Orchestrating the Perfect Deal

Let’s be real: agencies have the upper hand when it comes to deal-making. Our longstanding relationships with talent buyers on domestic and international fronts give us unique insights into what a venue is willing to shell out. Unlike bands that might get lowballed, we ensure that the compensation aligns with your caliber and track record. Every offer that comes our way is routed through you for approval, encompassing everything from performance fees to travel and lodging amenities.

Beyond the Mic: A Full-Service Experience

At Music Zirconia, we get that a performance is more than just the act; it’s a full-scale production. Therefore, we offer add-on services like sound, lighting, and stage setup to make your show a resounding success. While these elements often come into play for large events, their significance cannot be overstated for performances of any size.

An Open Stage

Worried that our roster already includes a tribute to the original artist you emulate? Don’t sweat it. Music Zirconia has room for everyone. Our expansive talent database helps us cater to diverse client needs and budgets. Whether they desire a pared-down act or a grandiose performance complete with high-end production, we have options.

So, if you’re a tribute or cover band aiming to elevate your game, the stage is set at Music Zirconia. We’re not just an agency; we’re your career catalyst, your backstage crew, and your loudest cheerleader. Join us, and let’s make some noise.