Event Prep Essentials

The Checklist

Courtesy of Music Zirconia, this guide streamlines your event planning when booking a musical act. Follow these pointers to guarantee a seamless experience. For further queries, reach out to a Music Zirconia rep.


Deposits often secure an act during the contractual phase. Unless agreed otherwise, the remaining performance fee is due on the event day, payable to the performers.

Air Travel (When Applicable)

For gigs beyond the act’s base city, you’ll need to arrange flights. Remember to account for the transportation of musical equipment. Book and distribute tickets well ahead of the event day.

Ground Transit

If air travel is involved, an airport pick-up becomes essential. Factor in band members, crew, luggage, and gear.


Lodging terms vary per act. While some insist on individual rooms, others may compromise on shared spaces or alternative lodging.

Production & Sound Management

You may require a sound engineer, or even a show producer for large events. If you lack a sound engineer, Music Zirconia can step in. Consult our experts for more details on this.

Technical Setup

Usually, you’ll need to supply the audio system. Although some venues come equipped, private settings often don’t. Additional needs could include lighting and a stage, available for rent locally. Music Zirconia collaborates with top-tier sound and lighting firms to suit any event scale. Consult our team to evaluate your requirements.

Backline Equipment (When Applicable)

Most of our bands bring their gear, making rentals unnecessary. However, for fly-in acts, local rentals often prove more cost-effective. Typical “backline” rentals include drum sets and amplifiers.


Consider the venue’s electrical capabilities; sizable shows consume significant power. Assess the venue’s infrastructure and arrange external power sources if needed.

Specifics: Rider & Stage Layout

The “rider” details an act’s specific needs, from dressing room beverages to towels. Although some are negotiable, compliance generally yields a more agreeable event atmosphere.
For set-up, consult the act’s “Stage Plot.” This informs the sound engineer about required microphones, sound effects, and more. Access these plots via the act’s promotional pages on our site or request one from us.

While some riders are negotiable, we usually recommend that you try to accommodate these small requests for the acts. The acts we book are very experienced and have reasoning for their request. Please consider that these bands are often far from home and these requirements and luxuries help make the evening more pleasant for all parties.

Each band’s rider is available upon request. The “Stage Plot” is a map of how the band sets-up their equipment. It is highly recommended that you have an advance copy of the stage plot to provide the sound engineer with all the information he may require so that he can set-up and equip the stage to the specific need of any act. The stage plot tells the sound man how many microphones are needed, how to set sound effects and much more.

Stage plots for each band can be downloaded from their promotional pages on this site. If they are not, please ask us and we will make sure we get one fo