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Known for their operatic rock sound and the charisma of frontman Freddie Mercury, Queen has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Rising to global acclaim in the 1970s and 80s, they became a musical force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences worldwide with hits like “Another One Bites the Dust”, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Don’t Stop Me Now,” and “We Are the Champions.” Their iconic tracks, ranging from anthems like “We Will Rock You” to the enchanting “Killer Queen,” have solidified their place in rock history. Their unique style and energy have inspired countless queen cover bands.

Queen’s live performances were unparalleled theatrical spectacles that showcased their talent and passion. Every time the band performed live, they transport their audience to a world of rock and opera, blending genres seamlessly.

Their influence extended far and wide, especially in the United States, where they garnered a massive following. Their tours across the US not only solidified their legendary status but also showcased their versatility and prowess on stage.

Queen stands as a beacon of musical excellence. Their enduring legacy continues to inspire and ignite passion in both fans and queen tribute bands alike. Their songs, performances, and spirit serve as a timeless reminder of the magic woven when a band performs with unbridled passion and authenticity.

Elevate your event with one of our Queen tribute bands, a signature offering from Music Zirconia. Our expert performers are primed to recreate the magic of Queen, ensuring a nostalgic and powerful musical journey for your audience. Whether you have your heart set on Queen cover bands or are exploring tributes to other iconic bands, our diverse roster promises the perfect fit for your event. Dive into a world of musical nostalgia. We pride ourselves on the authenticity and quality of our acts, promising a show that will leave your audience spellbound.

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Queen Nation

A Tribute to Queen
Queen Nation Featured Image 01
Los Angeles, California
Queen Nation is the ULTIMATE Queen tribute band. The band was formed in Southern California by DMHE Music Agency. Queen Nation has performed over 1,200 concerts together as a core unit. Queen Nation band members are: Gregory Finsley: vocals keyboards as Freddie Me... Read More

Bohemian Queen

A Tribute to Queen
Los Angeles, California
The Ultimate Tribute to a Rock Legacy Hailing from diverse musical landscapes, BOHEMIAN QUEEN comprises a roster of seasoned musicians who've come together to honor the timeless magic of Queen. Known as ‘The World’s Most Passionate Queen Tribute’, their shows a... Read More

The Kings of Queen

A Tribute to Queen
Orange County, California
THE REINCARNATED The Kings of Queen are the hottest Queen tribute in the country, if not the world. Given that he’s been dubbed as the reincarnated Freddie Mercury, frontman Emo Alaeddin is quite the spectacle. Although there may be others, no other Queen tribute ... Read More

Absolute Queen

A Tribute to Queen
Tampa, Florida
Absolute Queen international USA based tribute has spent hundreds of hours in the studio studying Queen's many layered harmony vocals and instrumentation to bring you the most authentic sounding Queen experience. The show is more than just a Queen Tribute band, the musi... Read More