Tribute to:

Justin Shandor

Based in: Las Vegas, Nevada

Justin Shandor

Band Bio

When Justin was 8 1/2, his mother introduced him to the music and trappings of Elvis Presley when she brought home one of his Christmas cassettes around the holidays; “instantly” it was a match made in Heaven! Listening to that tape constantly, Justin practically wore the poor thing out. Falling in love with one song in particular, Mama Like The Roses, he would sing it to his grandmother multiple times a day. From that point on, Elvis entered Justin’s heart and never left, continuing to grow with him, becoming the beautiful combination the two of them are today. He began professionally impersonating The King when he was 16, at the elvis a rama museum and has spent the last 12 years working on the road and perfecting his already remarkable skills and instinct. Now, at the ripe ol’ age of 28,justin is elvis presley enterprises 2010 ultimate elvis tribute artist Although Justin Shandor has enjoyed the majority of his success and notoriety impersonating The King of Rock ‘N Roll, he is far more than an Elvis Tribute Artist. Justin is also a very gifted musician, playing many instruments including the guitar piano and bass, in addition to writing his own amazing songs.


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