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Kenny Metcalf has spent years crafting his tribute to Sir Elton John and it has been a labor of love the family has shared, with his daughter Sharlene adding her phenomenal vocals to Elton & The Early Years Band. Kenny and his band are known for performing a technically accurate Vegas style production, featuring the wildly popular music, costumes and antics of Elton John. From rhinestones to sequins, every detail has been meticulously recreated. Iconic costumes including the infamous Los Angeles Dodgers uniform designed by Bob Mackie and glasses (created for Elton himself), by Ray Winston finish the illusion. Those fortunate enough to have seen Elton perform live experience a sense of “Deja Vu” while watching the captivating performance given by Kenny. Audiences and critics alike leave with a sense that they “saw” Elton and his band. In their heyday

Kenny is the only Elton tribute endorsed by Caleb Quaye, Elton’s original producer and guitar player. Caleb Quaye. In fact, Quaye has performed with Kenny and states that “witnessing this performance is like re-living infamous shows like the Dodger Stadium show in 1975 where I (performed with Elton. Being on stage with Kenny Metcalf was surreal!”

Elton John has been a powerful name in music for more than 40 years. He is currently enjoying another wave of popularity, due to the recent release of the movie “Rocketman”, the Elton John biographical movie. Now, more than ever there is demand and desire to step back in time and experience the sights and sounds of this amazing artist. In tribute to his greatness, Kenny Metcalf and his band deliver. The entire cast of Kenny Metcalf as Elton & The Early Years Band skillfully re-capture the original album sounds in live concert settings, delivering a complete audio/visual experience that is guaranteed to amaze any audience.


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