192 By Music Zirconia - June 3, 2022 10:29 AM

Most bands take a few days or a few weeks off to recuperate after finishing a tour but not Blink-180TRUE’s Bob Amendola. The Blink-180TRUE guitarist/vocalist landed at LAX Wednesday August 7th around 6:30 pm after a successful tour of the southeastern United States and was onstage performing with the real blink-182 the very next night at The Los Angeles Forum!


Blink-182 bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus stopped the blink-182 set about 23 minutes into the show and asked the crowd of 15,000 plus people if anyone could play “All the Small Things” on Matt’s guitar? Blink-180TRUE’s Bob Amendola was pulled from the crowd and literally jumped at the chance climbing over the front barrier after being tapped for the chance of a lifetime. After telling Hoppus his name and that he lives in Hermosa Beach, CA, Amendola strapped on blink-182 guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba’s guitar, confirmed how the song would start with the band and then Amendola simply went to work. Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker counted off the song and then it happened. The arena exploded and Amendola was onstage with his childhood heroes playing blink-182’s biggest hit “All the Small Things” in front of 15,000 plus people at The LA Forum.


The confetti was flying everywhere, the crowd was electric and Amendola strutted around the stage for the next 2 minutes & 51 seconds playing the song he has played hundreds of times onstage with Blink-180TRUE. Blink-182 guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba never played a note on his guitar during the song. He sang the pop/punk anthem with full confidence knowing Amendola was handling business on guitar who even found time to fist bump Barker during the bridge section of the song.


Amendola finished the song standing next to Hoppus, grabbed a hug from him, then Skiba plus another fist bump from Barker and basked in the moment in all its glory for a few more seconds before exiting the stage. He then ran by the front row at The LA Forum high fiving everyone like John Cena entering a WWE match on his way back to his spot in the crowd. Dreams really do come true kids so start a tribute band to your heroes.


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