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When it comes to celebrations, epic dance parties and conjuring up serious 90's nostalgia, no one does it better than the darlings of Toronto's cover-band scene. This 11-member outfit is a staple in venues, festivals and soft seaters across Canada.

Now, the platforms are higher, the accents are stronger, the dance party is wilder and the costumes more outrageous and spectacular than ever before. From back-up dancers to flash-mobs to gospel choirs to celebrity guests, each show offers a surprise twist, keeping Wannabe fans coming back for more.

-"Fifteen years after they swept the world in a swell of preteen female hysteria, The Spice Girls are back, sort of."-Chantaie Allick, Toronto Star
-"The girls have definitely done their homework. From Scary Spice’s signature leopard cloak to Ginger’s Union Jack dress, the outfits are almost bang on...this performance was probably the most entertaining show I saw all week."- Laurie, Lithium Magazine (NXNE coverage)
-"These girls follow all the dances and moves of the Spice Girls to a tee. They share all the right lines and even take on the personalities and vibe of each girl. Since they're all professional singers, they actually even sing better than the original lineup."
-GP, Summer Bucket List

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