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The MOST authentic tribute to the music of Sting, Stewart and Andy! IT DOESN'T GET ANY CLOSER THAN THIS!!!

THE POLICE EXPERIENCE is the most authentic Police tribute band in the world; performing nationally and internationally to deliver the ultra high-energy show The Police were known for in the 1980s. This highly acclaimed tribute to the Police has even won the praise of Stewart Copeland himself, who said of the band…

“…every nuance, all the drum parts, and the singer has Sting down to a tee… “

In 2003, Ian Copeland, founder of Frontier Booking International (FBI), heard the band and immediately had them perform for an audience that included Stewart Copeland and Miles Copeland; founder of IRS records and manager of The Police. Upon hearing the band, Stewart himself jumped up on stage and sat in with THE POLICE EXPERIENCE, tearing the house down with "Driven to Tears" and "Roxanne." For the band it was an honor and a solid affirmation of their efforts to play with one of the world's most talented rock drummers ever and the founding member of The Police. Miles Copeland said of the band…

“…the best copy band I have seen to date…close your eyes and it's my boys…”

In 2007, the band became the subject of the award winning documentary “Tribute Bands”, which appeared on Canadian National television. They were also featured in an article by BBC News reporter Stephen Robbs about Police tribute bands and the Police reunion. Later that year, they were hired to perform pre-show/after show parties during the two nights The Police played Fenway Park on their reunion tour.

In 2009, the band got the attention of long time Stewart Copeland disciple Taylor Hawkins, of The Foo Fighters, who invited David Rasner, (“Sting”), and Jimbo Head, (“Andy”), to his house to jam. Hawkins was so taken with the authenticity and talent of the band, that he played an entire show with them 2 days later. Hawkins, who still does shows with THE POLICE EXPERIENCE, had this to say of the band...

“…All of sudden I was transported back to 1983… they knew every single Police song perfectly… it might have been the awesomest, funnest, most musically satisfying experiences…this guy sounds exactly like Sting…”

THE POLICE EXPERIENCE’s drummer, Mike Nieland, has the remarkable ability to copy Stewart Copeland’s complicated drum style note for note. As a result, Nieland has been featured in the international drum press where he talked about emulating Copeland’s technique. In 2007 Nieland himself had the opportunity to interview Stewart Copeland for Guitar Center’s “GC BACKSTAGE” viral video series.

The band continues to thrill audiences from Montreal to Trinidad, from San Diego to Nova Scotia. They remain unmatched by any other Police tribute band for their authenticity. THE POLICE EXPERIENCE is as close as it gets to the real thing… "Roxanne," "Walking On The Moon," "Every Breath You Take, Don’t Stand So Close to Me…." you’ll hear all your favorite Police songs, you’ll get transported back to the 80’s, you’ll experience what it was like to see one of the world’s best bands in their prime.

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Message In A Bottle
Bring On The Night
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
Tea In The Sahara
Spirits In The Material World
Walking In Your Footsteps
Every Breath You Take
King Of Pain
Synchronicity 1
Synchronicity 2
Murder By Numbers
No Time This Time
Next To You
Driven To Tears
Don't Stand So Close To Me
So Lonely
On Any Other Day
Truth Hits Everybody
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Be My Girl (Sally)
Walking On The Moon
The Bed's Too Big Without You
Invisible Sun
Man In A Suitcase
Hole In My Life
Can't Stand Losing You
Born In The 50's
Demolition Man
Secret Journey
When The World Is Running Down You Make The Best Of What's Still Around
Miss Gradenko
A Sermon
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