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Temptation captures the sound of New Order and brings an energy to the live
performance that keeps clubs packed and people dancing. One of the band members even hails from Manchester, UK!
Every effort has been made to ensure that the sound and legacy of New Order is treated with the upmost
respect and accuracy.

New Order was born from the remains of post-punk pioneers Joy Division following
the suicide of their frontman Ian Curtis. Combining rock with electronica, the
Manchester quartet would go on to become one of the most influential bands of all
time. Their legacy spans four decades and they’re still producing vital contemporary music.
Their hit ‘Blue Monday’ still remains the top selling 12” single of all time
and a club favorite.

So tell me…how do you feel?

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Blue Monday
Bizarre Love Triangle
True Faith
Love Will Tear Us Apart
The Perfect Kiss
Love Vigilantes
Age of Consent
Round & Round
Thieves Like Us
She's Lost Control
Love Less
Touched by the Hand of God
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