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Music Zirconia makes LA Weekly!

As the tribute band industry gains more traction and press, you can find the latest write-up on the growing popularity in LA Weekly.
Hermann highlighted four of our top tribute acts, along with many others, on their spot-on and highly-detailed representation of these musical legends. Queen Nation (Queen), The Band That Fell To Earth (David Bowie), Rumours (Fleetwood Mac) and Sweet and Tender Hooligans (The Smiths/Morrissey) were right upfront with great photography showcasing the costuming and resemblance of each band; something that is a vital part of each top tribute bands' selling act.
The article makes a clear point, "Once dismissed as a novelty, tribute bands now are an integral part of the concert industry."
Our co-founder and member of Strangelove, a tribute to Depeche Mode, Brent Meyers, along with Music Zirconia are also featured in the article.
"He and his partner, Michael Twombly, who plays Robert Smith in The Cured, encourage their best bands to travel as often as possible. "In L.A., it may seem a bit played out," Meyer admits. "But elsewhere in the country and certainly elsewhere in the world, that's not the case." "

To read the full article about the booming tribute band industry in California and across the country, follow the link below: