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Jason Glenn was born and raised in Southern California and he listened to all genres of music. His love for country however, didn't come until he heard George Strait, during the Pure Country album and movie. He still wasn't fully convinced until he heard Joe Diffie's "Third Rock From the Sun" and Restless Heart's "I'll Still Be Loving You!" He started listening to Tim Mcgraw's music since his first album release in the early 90's. Tim McGraw has been Jason's biggest inspiration, with his music relating to real life situations that Jason has been through. That's when his passion for country music really stood out! The very first song Jason sang at Karoake were Tim Mcgraw's songs "It's Your Love" and "Don't Take The Girl.." As he grew older, his interest in songwriting and singing country music grew with him. He was told by many people that Jason had that "Tim" look and should sing more of his songs. So in 2010, he started getting booked by his dad/manager as a Tribute artist. At first, his dad wanted him to do shows where he would sing for 60-90 minutes, but Jason thought his dad was nuts, because Jason wasn't ready to sing that long straight! As time went on however, traveling across country, Jason got to the point where he could perform for a 90 minute show, and not even get tired. Although Jason knew that he wanted to sing his own songs, Jason took this as a great opportunity to not only make some money to pay bills, but it gave him that push and drive to start writing his own songs. Not only that, but it gave him much experience as an entertainer! What made this a great opportunity for Jason was that during his performance as a tribute band, he would sneak in a couple original songs, not only to sold out crowds, but he had a 30 minute line for people waiting just to take Jason's photo, and for him to sign his CDs, which he sold out of his CDs at practically every show! Jason says, "the more people there are, the more fun I have!" Jason has performed for a crowd of 5 people to 5,000 people! He loves taking crowd selfies too! The same year he started this tribute act, Jason wrote his first country single called "Don't Lead Me On", which just recently in 2016, hit #1 for 2 weeks in a row on an online station, SmokinFM's Top 20 weekly countdown. This wasn't his first song to top the online charts! In 2014, he released a 6 song EP titled "Ups and Downs" based on his roller coaster of relationships. One of the songs on this EP, Jason wrote "Bad Boy", which was the song that said enough is enough with all this nonsense of bad relationships! Bad Boy took the #1 spot again for 2 weeks in a row on SmokinFM's weekly Top 20 countdown! Jason released his first music video of Bad Boy mid 2016, which made it to Vevo and many other video sites. Jason performed at CMA fest in June of 2016 from a contest he entered, performing a cover of Tim Mcgraw's song "Humble and Kind" he was chosen out of many who entered to perform at a local venue in Nashville. Jason knew he would be back to Nashville, but didn't realize it would only be 2 months later, to record 3 new songs with producer Bill Mcdermott, which songwriter Jason Hamor introduced him to, thinking that Jason would be a good fit for these 3 songs. Jason is preparing to release his first single titled "It's What I Like", which has a fresh new and unique sound, and which he is hoping will reach the hearts of many for years to come! What is to come after that? Well he will be preparing to release his 2nd EP titled "It's What I Like", with songs to include "Mojitos By The Bay", "It's What I Like", and "She Just Gets Me". Jason is preparing another trip to Nashville, this time he will be recording 2 songs that will be just mostly guitar and vocals. Jason is a co writer for those 2 songs, which one is finished, and him and Jason Hamor will be working on the 2nd song which will lead him to Nashville again at the end of 2016.
Jason Glenn has been self promoting his first EP, as well as his current projects, using his last bit of money to fund these projects. Jason hopes to seek help of labels either indie or major to give him that extra push that he needs to release his newest single "It's What I Like" and more for radio tours and performance tours! His new EP Titled, "It's What I Like" released on April 25th 2017.

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Real Good Man
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Live Like You Were Dying
Don't Take The Girl
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Southern Voice
Please Remember Me
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