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For nearly five decades, Bob Dylan has remained one of the most important figures in American music. He has written countless songs that have become the soundtrack of inspiration for virtually every notable musician over the years. Dylan's music contains timeless poetry that consistently stirs even the modern soul.

The Jack of Hearts band performs some of the best of Dylan live from the early 60's Greenwich Village era, the radical electric conversion, Blonde on Blonde, the monumental basement work with Dylan’s legendary collaborators, The Band, all the way through the 70's to Desire and beyond.

Dylan aficionado and Jack of Hearts' lead vocalist Jamie Daniels performs as Dylan with stunning accuracy, and has the uncanny ability to faithfully recite some of the most obscure songs in Dylan's catalog along with the more popular tunes that have moved so many over the years. The rest of the Jack of Hearts' cast are experienced musicians and well versed fans that also break out occasional numbers by The Band.

Whether you’re looking for acoustic, electric, folk, rock, and/or the blues, look no further than the Jack of Hearts band…the premiere Bob Dylan tribute!

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