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Hott Thing
Band Bio

Hott Thing is a cover band predominately specializing in 1980′s Metal
(KISS, Van Halen, Guns and Roses, Poison, and many many more).
Hott Thing was formed in the summer of 2005 and quickly gained notoriety for being one of the most entertaining cover
band’s to grace the stages of San Diego. Hott Thing solidified it’s current line-up in spring of 2009, proving to be the most
musically solid and entertaining line-up’s to date.
Hott Thing is available to play nightclubs, bars, private parties, or anywhere that need’s a good rockin’ to. With stellar
musical chops, an extensive catalog of music, and captivating on-stage antic’s, Hott Thing is guaranteed to provide great
time’s for anyone ready to party!
Example’s of some venue’s rocked include: Dick’s Last Resort, The Stage (gaslamp), numerous dives, Pure Platinum
(both downtown and Kearny Mesa locations), etc…

TNTSWEET – voice
TNT sweet was conceived in the back of a Trans-Am to the soothing sounds of
Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion. From the ashes of that encounter he emerged a
rock and roll Phoenix, kicking ass and taking names wherever he saw fit.

KISSIKRIS – guitar
Kissi Kris emerged from the womb wearing high heels and a flying V guitar.
Doctors said his mother would never be the same. The only thing comparable
to Kissi’s hunger for good times, is his passion for Rock n’ Roll. Upon setting
out on his own, at a young age, he met the Devil at a crossroads and told him
to go fuck himself! The rest is history…

TRIPLEA – guitar
TripleA was discovered via Youtube, playing the solo from Sweet Child o’ Mine
on the streets of Manila in the Philippines, to any and all who would listen. After
yards of red tape and a thorough background check by U.S. customs, TripleA
emigrated to the United States to build a city on Rock and Roll and do what he
does best, melt the faces of anyone lucky enough to get drenched in his hot spray.

The offspring of a one legged groupie and the Jewish God of Rock. His mother
lost her leg in a axe bass incident, leaving him with a taste for blood and a lust
for rock. Part mystery, part Gene Simmons tongue, Bobby Roxxx’s wanderlust
for the Xtreme rivals werewolves for blood and bite marks.

MICKYKeeZ – keys
Sometimes referred to as a drifter, other times referred to as a playboy, but
mostly known as a rock n’ roll zealot with a penchant for not just tickling,
but exploiting the ivories. The grimy streets of New York were less of a
humble home and more of an institution for this bad boy shaping him into
the smooth talking barracuda he is today. Armed with an 88 keyed sonic
assault and a lust for kicking ass, Micky Keez is the silent backbone of the
Hott Thing army.

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