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Freewill - The RUSH Tribute  a tribute to  
Band Bio

Our emphasis is professional quality "LIVE" concert performances where we recreate the RUSH CONCERT EXPERIENCE! From Vintage Rush to Modern Rush ... We've got it covered!!!
- Featured Artist in the Rush / Canadian Television Documentary,
"FOR THE LOVE OF RUSH!" from the Television Series "TRIBUTE BANDS"
... (view online at ReverbNation.com ... also at YouTube.com)

- Performed our own Concerts ...
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Quite possibly, The BEST 3 person, RUSH Tribute band ... "ON THE PLANET!"

Since 1994 - Focusing on the Sights & Sounds of RUSH!
Seasoned musicians use classic Rush-era instruments to perform the complex music of Rush. Combined with a Hi-tech Video Imagery & Lighting display, along with a very unique onstage "Cast of Characters", Freewill provides the Rush fans with a exciting RUSH CONCERT EXPERI...See More
Band Interests
- Performing quality shows all across North America! (continuing...)
- Performing in England & Japan! (The Caribbean &/or Brazil would be fun too!)
- Having FUN playing music

Artists We Also Like
RUSH ...

- Spageddy Lee ... Bass, Vocals, Keyboards & MIDI Pedals
- The Digital Man ... Guitars, Taurus Pedals & Backing Vocals
- Bert Pert ... Drums, Cymbals, Electric & Acoustic Percussion

Video Gallery
Photo Gallery

Working Man
Fly By Night
Bastille Day
The Trees
The Spirit of Radio
Tom Sawyer
Distant Early Warning
Manhattan Project
Show Don't Tell
Roll The Bones
Test for Echo
One Little Victory
Far Cry
plus over 20 more songs
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