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EC & Friends, the ultimate Eric Clapton Tribute Show, recreates a live "Eric Clapton" concert with music that spans Eric Clapton’s amazing career performing music from Blind faith, Cream, Derek & the Dominoes & of course his incredible solo career.

EC & Friends provides quality entertainment for Concert venues, Clubs, Casinos, Festivals, Corporate events, Parties & weddings.
Tom Rubino performs the role of “Eric Clapton” & plays many of his solos note for note while improvising on others with an unmistakable Clapton sound & feel. Tom uses authentic Clapton signature model guitars to recreate the legendary tones made famous by Clapton including the Martin 000-28ec for the unplugged segment of the show & The Famous Fender (Blackie) Stratocaster electric guitar.
Toms vocals also emulate that Clapton growl. Vocalist Terri Owens adds soul to the bands, Keyboardist John Grund is amazing playing classic swirling B3 organ sounds & funky blues piano, Bass player Paul Tantet's is in the groove with his 70's Fender P bass while Drummer Bill Christiani is hard hitting & in the pocket.
EC & Friends looks forward to providing you with an unforgettable Eric Clapton concert experience.

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