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Dyck James & The Bone City Band  a tribute to  
Band Bio

I'm Dyck James Bitch!

When I was young and playing music in clubs with my siblings, Rick James was my idol. I sang all his songs, and when Rick was doing large piles of Cocaine, I was doing small piles but I never kidnapped nobody. COCAINE IS A HELL OF A DRUG and today Dyck is cocaine free, but ... I'M IN LOVE WITH MARY JANE!!!!

In his last days Rick and I became friends. The first time I saw "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" I watched it with Rick when he showed it to me at a party in his hotel room. I was on my way to play in The Stone City Band when Rick passed months later. I was saddened by his sudden dis- apearience from the stage so when the tribute craze hit, I knew I had to do Rick. This show is a combination of Rick's music which is performed true to Rick's sound, and The Chapelle show's portrayal of Rick's shananagins . This is entertainment bitches ... please don't be offended.

The Bone City Band FUNKY TO THE BONE!!!!!!!​
Jara "Slapbak" Harris -drums and bass and vocals is Dycks younger brother... that's why he's a funky bitch!
Julz "TRYCK" Harris- vocals is Dyck's younger sister has been by Dycks side for decades
Scott Carter- Guitar and vocals
Big Lex -Bass
John Bell - Keyboards Vocals
Dirty Diana - Vocals

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Super Freak, Part 1
Give It To Me Baby
Mary Jane
Ebony Eyes
Fire and Desire
Ghetto Life
Cold Blooded
You and I
Standing on the Top
Come Into My Life
In the Ghetto
Bustin' Out
Dance Wit' Me
and many more
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