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America’s #1 Music Tribute to – FOREIGNER
Based out of Southern California, "DOUBLE VISION" is starting their 3rd year as one of the only “True” Foreigner Tributes on the entire West Coast, and in the country. This Tribute Band truly represents the Foreigner sound and look from its early days, along with recreating all the vocal harmonies, keyboard and guitar sounds, associated with Foreigners music and its huge catalog of endless songs and hits. Foreigner is one of the few main stream music bands which you hear many of their radio hits daily, on a regular basis. From elevators, to hotels and business hallways, grocery stores and hospitals, they’re one of the few bands that have a list of songs, familiar to all ages.
This Foreigner Tribute and its 6 seasoned band members, play ALL the hits and then some, performing them with precision and quality musicianship, together with an exciting stage show and presence. “Double Vision” shows their true musicianship with 6 Vocalists, by singing and playing the parts with no backing music tracks, and No Vocal Tracks. What sets this Tribute apart from others is that they reproduce the songs as the “fans” have come to know and hear. This shows the raw talent of the players, and real power of this Tribute, performing some of the best music that has withstood the test of time.
Rick Hunter. One of the original founding members, he’s a talented Multi-tribute guitarist and vocalist. Rick’s guitar playing is distinct and done note for note, with a passion to deliver the sound and feel known for Foreigners songs, along with interacting with his audience.
Kyle Frost - In early 2011, came in and filled the lead singer role only few singers can do. Reproducing the distinctive vocal sound and tone of Lou Gramm, Kyle brings an entertaining stage presence, capturing the audiences’ attention to sing along and be part of the show.
Andy Gustafson - Brings his pitch perfect vocals, and unique bass style and sound, whose playing gives the Fans a reason to move, and feel the music. Both Andy and Kyle were the 1st pieces of the puzzle recruited to raise the level of presentation and sound of this Project.
To even elevate and reproduce Foreigners Classic sound, vocally and musically to a higher level, “Double Vision” is honored to have the addition of the newest members that completed the new line-up in 2012.
Andy Qunta – Formally of the 80’s International band “IceHouse”, Andy Q adds strong harmonies and plays all the signature Keyboard parts with the exact nuance and tone Foreigner fans have come to recognize.
Patrick McGrath - A Multi Talented Musician, playing Synthesizer Keyboards, Guitar, and Vocals, making him an important addition to the band, raising the quality of this project past our expectations.
Barnaby Wilde - Whose Solid Drumming reproduces the exact style and dominant drum beats, bringing a key element to the foundation and groove of this project. In addition from being vocally trained, his ear for arranging Vocal Harmonies has elevated the band to emulate the important singing style Foreigner is known for. His credits also include tour dates with international band “Red Cross".
Foreigners’ music is timeless, which is the real proof that Foreigners music continues to reach out to several generations of people that know and feel, how good these songs really are. “DOUBLE VISION” represents the Music with class and precision. A True “A” list Tribute.
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Double Vision
Long Long Way From Home
Head Games
War With The World
Feels Like the First Time
That Was Yesterday
Say You Will
Cold as Ice
Hot Blooded
Blue Morning Blue Day
Dirty White Boy
Waiting For a Girl
I Want to Know What Love Is
Juke Box Hero
Break It Up
Love Has Taken It's Toll
Midnigtht Blue
Rev On The Red Line
The Damage Is Done
Break It Up
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