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We’re off to never never land…

Metallica is one of the most revered and celebrated hard rock acts of our generation. With a career that is still going strong after 30 years, Metallica has a fan base ranging from kids to adults, and continues to gain fans every day.

Damage Inc brings you the most authentic representation of a live Metallica show - all of the energy, power and charisma that you would expect from a Metallica concert. Not to mention the most important thing… they SOUND like Metallica!

But they don’t think they’re Metallica. Damage Inc are huge fans of Metallica themselves, and put their passion for the music in their performances. Their goal is to share their love for Metallica with everyone, and to make sure every audience member has just as much fun as they’re having. We challenge you to go to a Damage Inc show and not have a great time!

Visit www.damageinc.us or check them out on facebook

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Kill Em All-
*Hit the Lights
*The Four Horsemen
*Jump In The Fire
*Phantom Lord
.*No Remorse
*Seek and Destroy
*For Whom the Bell Tolls
Ride The Lightning -
*Ride the Lightning
*Fade to Black
*Trapped Under Ice
*Creeping Death
Master of Puppets-
*Master of Puppets
*The Thing That Should Not Be
*Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
*Disposable Heroes
*Damage, Inc
...And Justice For All-
*The Shortest Straw
*Harvester of Sorrow
*Enter Sandman
*Sad but True
*Wherever I May Roam
*The Unforgiven
*Through the Never
*Nothing Else Matters
*King Nothing
*Memory Remains
Death Magnetic-
*That Was Just Your Life
*The End of the Line
*The Day That Never Comes
*All Nightmare Long
Garage, Inc.-
*Am I Evil?
*Die, Die My Darling
*Stone Cold Crazy
*So What?
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